Ask for What You Need…Then Ask Again.

The Baggage in QuestionI discovered last week that a hotel charge that had not been listed on my final bill at checkout – a baggage storage charge totalling over $100, mind you – had finally posted to my account. I say ‘finally’ because, although I had been given a receipt for the charge when the luggage was delivered it to me, I hadn’t accepted the charges/signed the receipt and it could not be found in any records of the charges made to my room (which I was so nervous about, I had diligently questioned the front desk about twice during my stay). Regardless of whether or not the charge was ‘fair’ (it wasn’t), I was pretty perturbed to see it suddenly appear on my credit card statement almost a month after my hotel stay.

Do not fret, faithful readers, I have a happy ending to the story: it only took a about a half hour of my time talking it over with the hotel’s billing department to get them to remove the charge and restore my satisfaction and pleasant demeanor.

A simple reminder that you can’t always get what you need unless you ask for it.