Hello Sunshine

What do you write when it’s been too long since you’ve last posted something? The update is that things are mostly the same, but samely awesome. I’ve been trying to find ways to allocate my time better so that I can keep in touch with people I care about on a more regular basis. That and trying to re-prioritize things that I spend time on so that I can focus on the things I really want to do instead of always talking about how I don’t have time to spend on them.

That’s mostly it. Continuing on with the status quo..mostly…

Capturing Mini-DV footage through Thunderbolt

A project I am working on right now involves the following workflow:

Mini-DV (playing back on a DVX100BP) -> Firewire -> Thunderbolt -> Premiere Pro

My Macbook Pro does not have a firewire port, so I devised the following chain of adapters to capture from the camera:

- Apple 4 to 6 pin FireWire cable

- Elago 6 to 9 pin FireWire adapter

- Apple 9 pin FireWire to Thunderbolt Adapter

Lots of connectors but it works!

Super excited to make this work and even more excited that camera control in the editing software still works even though I adapted to Thunderbolt.

Ask for What You Need…Then Ask Again.

The Baggage in QuestionI discovered last week that a hotel charge that had not been listed on my final bill at checkout – a baggage storage charge totalling over $100, mind you – had finally posted to my account. I say ‘finally’ because, although I had been given a receipt for the charge when the luggage was delivered it to me, I hadn’t accepted the charges/signed the receipt and it could not be found in any records of the charges made to my room (which I was so nervous about, I had diligently questioned the front desk about twice during my stay). Regardless of whether or not the charge was ‘fair’ (it wasn’t), I was pretty perturbed to see it suddenly appear on my credit card statement almost a month after my hotel stay.

Do not fret, faithful readers, I have a happy ending to the story: it only took a about a half hour of my time talking it over with the hotel’s billing department to get them to remove the charge and restore my satisfaction and pleasant demeanor.

A simple reminder that you can’t always get what you need unless you ask for it.